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Energy Performance
Based on the HERS Index®

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With HERS You'll Know Just How Efficient Your New K. Hovnanian Home Can Be

See the $avings in a New K. Hovnanian High Performance Home with the HERS Index®! Your new K. Hovnanian High Performance Home will be tested and rated by an objective, third-party Home Energy Rating System® (HERS®) Rater.

The LOWER the HERS Index® rating, the more energy efficient a home is, meaning lower energy costs. And, as a new K. Hovnanian High Performance Homeowner, you'll receive an official certificate that verifies your new home's HERS® Rating!

HERS® Index FAQs

Q: Who is RESNET®?
A: The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET®) is a non-profit organization that developed the Home Energy Rating System® (HERS) Index®, a standard of home efficiency recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the American mortgage industry. RESNET® also trains and certifies HERS® home raters.
Q: What is a home HERS Index®?
A: A Home HERS Index® is a numerical rating of a home's energy efficiency (similar to mpg for vehicles) based on the RESNET® Home Energy Rating System® energy efficiency scale.
Q: How is it measured?
A: A home's HERS Index® is determined by a RESNET® Certified Rater using standardized procedures developed by RESNET® in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. EPA, and the American mortgage industry for inspecting, testing, and conducting computer analysis of the energy performance of homes.
Q: Why should I be Interested in a home's HERS Index®?
A: The HERS Index® of a home can be used to compare the energy efficiency of homes. The lower the HERS Index®, the more energy efficient the home. When comparing similar size homes, a home with a HERS Index® of 80 is 33%* more efficient than a home with a HERS Index® of 120 and would expect to spend 33% less for energy.
*A HERS Index® of 120 less a HERS Index® of 80 equals a reduction of 40 points. 40+120=33.3%
Q: Many appliances are now labeled "Energy Star"—isn't that enough to lower my costs?
A: Just like with your car, the more efficient the home, the lower your utility costs will be every year. And just because a home or appliance has an "Energy Star" label doesn't mean you're going to get the most for your money—the real test for 21st century new home efficiency is the HERS Index®.
Q: What if other homebuilders offer a big list of "efficiency features" but no HERS® rating?
A: A big list of features may look good, but will they ACTUALLY SAVE YOU MONEY? Don't get lost in the hype—check the HERS Index® first to see how efficient the home really is. Don't put your faith in a list of "efficiency features" without knowing how much you could really end up paying!